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Fed up with your dog barking, running away or just being a complete nuisance?

You’re not alone… Thousands of dog owners have the same problem keeping their four legged friends under control. When was the last time your dog took you for a walk?

There are hundreds of methods and gadgets today which claim to keep your pet under control, but many either fail miserably or take too long to get your dog to respond. However, remote training collars or shock collars are leading the way as the most effective training tools which can help you gain control over your dog.

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Best Remote Shock Collars For Dogs

Depending on your dog there maybe several right choices or just one. The SportDOG brand is popular among consumers and overall their shock collars for dogs have gained the most reviews. The Field Trainer 400 received the most positive reviews, scoring of 91% positive comments.

Shock Collar Reviews Based on Consumer Comments

SportDOG Field Trainer 400 Shock Collar 91% Positive Reviews

SportDOG Field Trainer 400 ReviewOut of all the shock training collars for dogs researched, the SportDOG Field Trainer 400 surfaced as the leader by just 1% more positive reviews.

Review: Every dog lover wants their pet to be obedient, but not every dog gets the message without some training the SportDOG Field Trainer 400 is the solution. As any pet owner and lover knows, sometimes dogs can be trained easily by simple commands, and sometimes the dog needs more…read review or view on Amazon

PetSafe Remote Trainer Review, PDT00-12470 – 90% Postive Reviews

Petsafe Remote Trainer Review
The PetSafe Yard and Park remote trainer is a popular choice among consumers having almost as many positive reviews as the SportDOG.

Review: The PetSafe Remote Trainer PDT00-12470 is an electronic device to help dog owners train their dogs for obedience in the home and yard. It can help teach the dog not to jump or chew on furniture, keep dogs from jumping on people, or even train the dog not to dig in the yard. The Yard-and-Park Trainer can also be used to support… read review or view on Amazon

SportDOG Field Trainer for Stubborn Dogs, SD-400S- 89% Positive Reviews

SportDOG Field Trainer for Stubborn Dogs Review

Another great training collar from SportDOG which is special designed for larger more stubborn dogs.

Review: Simply amazing! My dog loves it! Amazing transformation in my dog! Incredible company to deal with! These are all remarks from customers about the SportDOG FieldTrainer for Stubborn Dogs SD-400S. SportDOG makes a great electronic training collar for regular dogs, and now they have a product for the larger… read review or view on Amazon

SportDOG Stubborn Dog Yard Trainer SD-105S Review – 86% Positive Reviews

Sportdog Yard Trainer SD 105S ReviewThe SportDOG SD-105S is specifically designed for stubborn dogs around the home and yard.

Review: It would be a special bonus if a product that taught how to train a stubborn or less sensitive dog on behaviors around the house and yard came with instructions by a pro trainer. The SportDOG Yard Trainer SD-105S is… read review or view on Amazon

PetSafe Little Dog Remote Trainer Review – 69% Positive Reviews

Petsafe Little Dog Remote Trainer ReviewAnother remote trainer from PetSafe which is specially designed for small dogs, not as many positive reviews but they still outweigh the negative.

Review: If you have a dog that weighs less than 40 pounds, and that dog needs assistance learning obedience, the PetSafe Little Dog Remote Trainer may be just… read review or view on Amazon

More Reviews on Shock Collars For Dogs Coming Soon

Remember to take time finding the right shock collar for your dog, I hope the information here has helped. As more remote training shock collars are released I will add more reviews if they meet my criteria for selecting the best shock collars for dogs.

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